Faith's Story. 

     "In 2009 I was diagnosed with end-stage renal disease. I started in-center homo-dialysis immediately. These events totally changed my life. I had to give up my career teaching Spanish which I had grown to love. During this painful process, I translated from English to Spanish for some Spanish speaking patients. Kidney disease is frightening enough without having the language barrier and not being able to communicate your needs. It is out of compassion for these fellow patients that I have written this small book for Dialysis professionals." 

Faith gave her heart to our Lord Jesus Christ in June of 1980 on the campus of Penn State University. It is her love for Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that Spanish For Christian Ministry was born. Faith is a member of The International Foreign Language Honor Society. 

Faith K. Chiwawana received her Bachelor of Arts in Spanish-Linguistics in 1982. She obtained her Master of Education in Counselor Education-Student Personnel Services also from Penn State University. She holds a Master of Arts in Spanish from Cleveland State University. Faith has traveled and studied abroad in several Spanish speaking countries. Her career has expanded from k-12 teaching and counseling positions to adjunct teaching positions at several universities, counseling, medical counseling translating and interpreting in Spanish.

Author of SPANISH FOR DIALYSIS PERSONNEL Faith Chiwawana provides a valuable resource guide in Spanish and English for Christians who want to evangelize to Spanish speaking people in the medical community.

Author of SPANISH FOR CHRISTIAN MINISTRY: Faith references Mark 16:15 (KJV) Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ said"… go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." In order to accomplish this mission we must be able to communicate with people of all Nations and Cultures. "It is out of that desire to fulfill the Great Commission that I have written this mini-book which is a small resource for those who want to reach the most who speak Spanish."